Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Incredible Magic Party: Ideas and Pinterest Board

The Incredible Magic Party on Pinterest (also see detail credits below)
Abracadabra, allakazam, it's time for an Incredible Magic Party! I just love vintage magic images! I've been eyeing a book from Magic (1400-1950's) from Taschen for years. The imagery is amazing... so when a customer requested a magic party invitation, I couldn't resist!

I had a lot of fun creating my Magic Party invite. I made a vintage style texture, and bordered the invite with an art-deco type look that seen in many vintage magic posters. Then, there's the rabbit, the magician and of course the hat.

Here are a few ideas for your next Magic Party:

  • Hire a magician - This is probably the most obvious. Kids love it, and no matter the age, seem always engaged. A sure win for your party.
  • Teach some simple tricks - There are many books and websites to teach kids (and adults) a few simple tricks. Kids will love this, and look forward to heading home to dazzle their parents!
  • Costume Box- Fill up a costume box full of Magic-inspired outfits... top hats, capes, bunny rabbit ears, magician assistant outfits, sword swallowing gear, etc. A great way for kids to be part of the act!
  • Magic Scavenger Hunt - Hide assorted magical props around a space and have a hunt to find them.
  • Create a Magic Act - Set up a stage, teach a few tricks and have your little magicians entertain each other. Possibly assign roles to certain kids so they can get "into" their part.
  • Make a Magician's Turban - How great was Johnny Carson's turban when he was Carnac the Magnificent. Get out an assortment of gems, feathers, trims and extra fabrics and have kids make their own turban.
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