Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspired by Drive In Movie Marquees: A Movie Party Invitation

Drive In Movie Marquee inspiration:
Image Credits: Movie Party Invitation by B.Nute, Starlight Six Drive In from Atlanta GA Retro Roadmap,  Airport Theatre Drive in from Birmingham Rewound, Boulevard Drive In Theatre from Kansas City
Did you ever go to a drive in when you were growing up? Weren't they the best? We got to bring our sleeping bags and lay down in the back of the station wagon to really get comfy! I admit, the sound was definitely not modern day - Dolby Digital, and sometimes it was hard to see, but for me it wasn't really about the movie as much as the whole viewing experience!

Times have changed, and many of these places sadly are shut down, torn down, or reused as a different space. But this doesn't mean the comfy-ness of a drive in theatre has gone away. Now with home projectors that you can set up in your  yard, and project on a fence, you almost can have the same experience! Also, many towns in the summer have movie nights outdoors. In both, you aren't in a car, but you definitely can have your blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows are really get comfortable for the show.

My latest invitation to hit my shop, a Movie Party invitation, was inspired by these marquees. Retro, bold and fun, it's perfect for your next movie party.


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