Friday, October 26, 2012

Construction Party Game and Craft Ideas

Construction Party Game and Craft Ideas from B.Nute productions
Your Construction Party is in full swing-- now what can you do to keep a group of eager builders occupied? Look no further-- here is a blueprint plan of games and craft activities perfect for your Construction Party!

Building Blocks - from Big to Small
Building blocks come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the age of your party, here are a variety of ideas to keep your little builders busy!
Empty Cardboard Boxes - Head to the local home warehouse and pick up a bunch of cardboard moving boxes (various sizes.) Put boxes together with tape but keep empty. On a large lawn area or open space, let the builders stack, build and create with the large boxes.
Shoe Boxes - Similar to empty cardboard boxes, but a little easier to manage for younger kids, tape up a bunch of empty shoe boxes and let the kids build!
Large Building Blocks for Little Hands - "Lego" like blocks come in a variety of sizes for varying aged children. Larger blocks are perfect for little hands and can be hours of fun for building.
Little Building Blocks - Small building blocks are great for older kids. Create buildings, space ships and more.
Wood Blocks - Traditional wood blocks can provide hours of fun for builders.

Painter's Workshop - Painting with Water
There's nothing like using the "real" tool to have some fun. Get out loads of large paint brushes and roll on brushes. Set out water buckets and painter bins, and let the kids "paint" a wall or driveway. It's fun to see the "paint"/water on the ground, and watch it disappear as it dries. This activity will provide hours of fun and can also be great on a warm day!

Plumbers Workshop
Head to the home warehouse store and pick up large plastic piping. Straight pipes, curved pipes, and various sizes. Let your crew put the pipes together and take apart. You can also provide marbles or water to let them pour through the pipe when they've combined a bunch together.

Sandbox of Trucks
Little ones will love a sandbox filled with construction trucks to play in. This activity is guaranteed to be a hit.

Build a City - Butcher Paper Town
Head out and purchase a large roll of white butcher paper (can be white wrapping paper). Roll out on the ground and tape together to make a very large "playmat." You can start the drawing by creating roads in the town, but then layout large crayons and let the kids add to their hearts content... houses, buildings, skyscrapers, gas stations, stop signs, etc. After the town has been created, get out some play cars and trucks and let the kids drive around their town.

Relay Races
Relay races are great for getting kids running and using up energy! Here are a few construction themed relay races to try. Be creative and add your own ideas too.
Toolbox Relay - Divide the party into 2 teams. Place a pile of pretend tools on one end of the course (2 piles, one for each team). Provide each team with an empty tool box. Now, one at a time, each person runs with the toolbox to the other end, picks up one tool and puts it in the box... then runs back and hand the toolbox to the next person. This continues until everyone has grabbed a tool. First team to fill their toolbox wins.
Toolbelt Relay - This is an individual race. Spread tools around an obstacle course. Have a toolbelt for the racer. Send the racer off to collect all the tools in the course. You can have kids climb over things or go under things as they get to each tool. You can put 2 kids on the race course, or you can time each child and see who has the best time in the end.

Build a Birdhouse
There are many simple "build your own" kits available for all ages. For an older crowd (with adult help as well) consider building a birdhouse together. For younger kids, find a "build your own" kit that is appropriate for their age.

Build a Collage
Have several flat pieces of lumber cut, one for each child. Provide buckets of washers, screws, bolts, wood pegs, and other elements, and loads of glue. Have each child create their own creative collage by gluing pieces together.

Is your party filled with little ones who still love to hammer. No problem. Find large pieces of styrofoam. Get a bucket of golf tees, and plenty of children's play hammers. Let the kids hammer away putting the tees into the styrofoam.

Draw a Blueprint
Pick up some blank blue print paper, and set out sheets on a large table. Provide crayons and pens and let kids design their own buildings or homes! Perhaps it will inspire you for your next remodel.