Monday, October 22, 2012

Construction Party Invitations and Decoration Ideas

Construction Party Invitation, Envelopes and Stickers by BNute productions on Zazzle
Calling all construction guys, Mr. Fixits and Bob the Builder fans... here's the perfect Construction Party invitation and matching goods for you. Distressed background, hand drawn tools and your little builder front and center are the perfect look for his party! Head over to B.Nute productions Zazzle shop to print up your goods for the party.

Decoration Ideas
Now that your invitations are set, it's time to "build" your party and get some great decorations to set the mood! Here are a few ideas:

Blueprints: Blue prints can make a great table covering or buffet covering, or could be perfect to hang on the wall behind your serving table! Search your garage for your house blue prints, or ask around to neighbors who maybe just did a remodel... and get those blue prints out for that "on site" look.

Play Tools (or real ones if you dare!): Set play tools down the center of a table for a great center piece.

Hard Hats: All the kids need a hard hat to enter into your party Construction Zone. Hard hats can be found online and make great "goodie bag" gifts for kids to take home.

Construction Site Workers Badge: All crew need to have a badge to enter the construction zone! Create a simple "badge," and hand out to each guest when they get to the party.

Caution Tape: Nothing like caution tape to announce a construction party zone. Pick up some of this and line the path to your front door, or decorate like crepe paper in your party space.

Jars of Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, etc.: Fill up Ball or jelly jars with nuts, bolts, screws and washers and place on your serving table or as a center piece on the table.

Lumber or Balsa Wood: Another great buffet table decoration is some good old fashion lumber! Use to prop serving dishes on, or down the center of the table to indicate this party is ready to be built! (Balsa wood can be a great alternative to lumber, since it has the wood look, but is much lighter.

Now get building your party! It will be great.