Friday, November 9, 2012

Soccer Party Game Ideas

Soccer Party Game Ideas from B.Nute productions
Your soccer enthusiast insists on a Soccer Party. Now what will you do to entertain the players? Here are loads of game ideas for your Soccer Party. Some ideas are straight out of a soccer practice, some are variants... either way, these game ideas should be loads of fun for the soccer star or the possible more shy ones who may be new to the game.

(Note: Many of these games are ideas for a large field/area. If your party is being held at your home, perhaps walk the gang to the local school yard or playground for the extra space. If not, a driveway or your yard will still do! For smaller spaces, use a smaller ball and/or a nerf/softer ball. For indoor spaces, consider using a plush ball.)

Warm Up Fun
Everyone needs to warm up their muscles, even little ones. Before you start the games, line the kids up and do some fun stretches, jumping jacks, high steps, and more to get their bodies moving!

How Far Can You...
Boot the Ball - Line the kids up at one end of the field. Let each kid "boot the ball" as far as he/she can. Farthest ball wins a small prize.
Throw In Challenge - Teach the kids about soccer throw ins. Once they understand how to do it (make sure both feet stay on the ground), give them a throw in challenge, like, farthest throw in or most accurate throw in (throw in that lands closest to target players feet), etc.

Juggling Tricks
You've seen those amazing players-- juggling the soccer ball every which way for hours! Have your gang practice some cool juggling tricks to impress their friends. Review some basics about juggling a soccer ball online before the party. At the party, start out with jugging with the knees (marching steps). Add in some light foot kicks (must keep in control) and possibly a chest move. See how many times they can juggle the ball/keep it in "play."

Headers: for Those Who Are Brave
Some kids just have a natural knack for knowing how to head a soccer ball. Some want NOTHING to do with it! I'm sure at your party, you may have all types. For those who'd like to try it, teach them some basics about heading a soccer ball, and then let them practice on your own. Some kids may just surprise you on how much they like it!

Relay Races
Dribbling Obstacle Course - Set up cones in a line down a field. Separate the kids into 2 teams. Have each child weave in and out of the cones dribbling the ball, then pass to the next player when done. First team that finishes wins.
The Pass It Relay (Hot Potato) - Split the kids into 2 teams. Have the kids in each team spread out in a line down the field about 10-15 feet apart (more or less depending on the age.) Start by having the first person in line pass to the next person, and so on, until the ball is passed to the last person in line. Tell the kids the ball is a hot potato and they must pass quickly, but obviously, accuracy in passing is key to as well. Once the ball is at the last person, he/she must pass it back down the line. First team to complete all the passes wins the relay.
Anything Goes Relay - This is one of those fun relays, where anything goes. Set up obstacles down a large field. From objects the kids need to dribble around, or kick the ball through a tube, or jump over or spin around-- mix it up and make it fun. The kids will love running (or dribbling the ball) through the obstacle course and finishing quickly!

Penalty Kicks on the Parents
What kid wouldn't want to shoot a penalty kick against a parent? Line the kids up for penalty shots, and have the shoot one at a time. Keep tally, Kids vs. Parents... and see how each fare!

Mixing it Up
Golf Soccer - Set up a "hole" or spot very far down the field where the kids much kick the ball to. You could put out a hula hoop as a marker, or just a string in a circle to mark the hole. Have the kids each stand at the "tee" or spot to start the kick off. Try to kick the ball into the hole with the fewest kicks.
Baseball Soccer - Have the party play a fun game of baseball, but instead of a bat and ball, use a soccer ball.

A good old fashioned scrimmage may be a great way for kids to burn off energy and have fun. Try to keep the scrimmage not too competitive so kids who may be new to the game don't feel intimidated by the soccer stars. Possible a scrimmage where passing is required, or no goalies for very little ones. Or make it a fast moving game where kids have to change positions every 5 minutes!


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