Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Printable Hockey Party Game and Coloring Page

Free Printable "Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player" Game and Coloring Page from B.Nute productions
Here are a couple activities sure to please your Hockey fan at his or her party... a Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player Game as well as a Hockey Player Coloring Page!

We all know hockey players have a hard time keeping there teeth... so help out our Hockey Star by "pinning" (or taping) his teeth back in. The kids will love this game, and it should provide loads of laughs as well!

Another Hockey Party game option is this Hockey Player coloring page below. Our same Hockey Star needs a little color and your party goers are the perfect fans to give it to him. Set out a table with some crayons, markers and more and let the folks have at it. This could also be a great thing to set up at the rink (if your party is at a rink), for those with tired feet or cold hands to come warm up.

Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player Game
Print out this page below, cut out the teeth on the bottom, then hang on a wall. Put tape (double stick works great) on the back of each tooth and then blindfold your player and have him "pin" the teeth on the player. If you'd like, you can print out the drawing at 200% so it is a larger poster.

Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player Game by B.Nute productions

Hockey Player Coloring Page
Just print out this coloring page below, set out some crayons or markers and give this hockey star some winning pizzaz!

Hockey Player Coloring Page by B.Nute productions