Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hockey Party Games and Ideas

Hockey Party Games and Ideas from B.Nute productions
Whether you are heading to the rink or staying home, here are some Hockey Party games and ideas sure to entertain your rowdy hockey fans!

Hockey Party at the Rink
(Note: Depending on your crowd, you may have novice skaters and some advance. If that's the case, for some of these games, you may want to break up the group depending on their skill/confidence level.)

Hockey Drills-- Get the kids moving with some good ol'fashioned Hockey drills.

  • Have them skate from one end of the rink to the other.
  • Have them skate with a puck from one end to the other.
  • Have them weave in and out of cones (with and without a puck)
  • Have some simple passing between players across the rink.

Hockey Relays/Best in Show
Have some hockey contests to get the kids having fun:

  • Longest Shot - See who can shoot the puck the farthest and make it in (no goalie).
  • Most Faceoff wins - Pair the kids and have them do faceoffs... see who wins the most.
  • Best Trick shot - Have kids be wacky and show their best trick shot.
  • Relay race of teams through cones - Set up cones and divide party into teams. Have each skater weave in and out of cones with puck, then pass to the next team member. First team to finish wins.
  • Relay race between teams of passing - Have the each team spread out evenly down the rink. Have the first skater (stand still) and pass the puck to the next. Have kids pass the puck all the way "down the line" and back. First team to finish wins.

Off Rink
Some kids will get tired and cold and may need a rest. Set up an area off rink with hot cocoa and snacks. You can also have a few games or activities for them to play as well. (See my Free Printable Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player and coloring page post for more details.)

Hockey Certificates
Make sure to award your players with fun certificates at the end of the party. Make up silly awards to keep it light hearted and less competitive if there are varied abilities at the party. (See my Free Printable Hockey Party certificates and tags for details.)

Hockey Party at Home
Having a Hockey Party, but not heading to the rink? No problem, there are many ways to bring the rink home for some hockey fun!

Hockey Decor - Hockey jerseys, sticks, NHL logos, etc... Get out all your hockey gear and use it to decorate around your party space to set the mood. Have a poster on the front door with your hockey fan's rink name.

Hockey Game Reruns on TV - with the volume off, have some old hockey games playing on the TV in the background to set the mood.

Jumbotron - Decorate your TV like it is the Jumbotron at a professional hockey game. Print out some fake (or real) advertisements on to paper, and mount on to cardboard. Put the ads above and below your TV... then have a camcorder feed into your TV and film your fans as the come to the party or during cake! They'll love watching the replays too.

Broom Ball or Street Hockey - Head out to the driveway, cul de sac, or basketball court at the local park for some broom ball or street hockey. If the kids have rollerblades, let them skate, or just have them in sneakers for the fun. You can play many of the relays and games mentioned above (under ideas for the rink) as well.

Air Hockey or Foosball - If you have a air hockey table, great... if not, look into renting one and/or an arcade hockey game to keep the theme going!

Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player and Coloring Page - You can also have a few games or activities for them to play as well. See my Free Printable Pin the Teeth on the Hockey Player and coloring page post for more details.