Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fiesta Invitation Inspired by Mexican Loteria Cards Plus Free Printable

Fiesta Invitation Inspired by Mexican Loteria Cards by B.Nute productions
On one of my vacations to Mexico, I had the treat of playing loteria while lounging in the pool. It was a treat because, a) I was lounging in the pool with a cold beverage, and b) it was fun playing a game while swimming! Loteria is a Latin American game similar to bingo. An announcer names calls off a word (and/or number) and you fill the space on your card if you have it until you win. One big difference, though, is the loteria cards have images on them, not just numbers. I've always loved the look of the illustrations and drawings, and also found the objects/items on the cards to be quite curious. There are typical objects like fish, sun, and moon, but then there are others like skull, hand, and mermaid that seem like pretty unique choices. I guess this is what makes the game so cool for me!
Free Printable Hand Drawn Loteria Tags by B.Nute productions
With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I had a fun day designing my own set of loteria cards. They turned out so colorful and festive, I thought they'd make a great invitation (see image at top). Also, I've included some below as free printables, perfect for tags for a goodie bag or strung around a bottle of tequila for your hostess gift at a fiesta! Enjoy.
Free Pritable El Corazon Hand Drawn Loteria Tag by B.Nute productions
Free Printable Hand Drawn Loteria Tags
Below are some free Loteria tags I hand drew. They make great tags for goodie bags, or a hostess gift when heading to a fiesta.
Free Printable Hand Drawn Loteria Tags by BNute productions
Instructions for Printing Your Loteria Tags/Cards
1. Select the link above (at bottom of image), and print out on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Print on card stock to give the tags some weight. 
2. Cut out, and punch a hole in the top. String on present or goodie bag.

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