Friday, February 21, 2014

A So-So Staycation is Just Fine by Me

Scenes from a So-So Staycation by B.Nute productions
There were no tropical breezes. There was no swooshing down ski runs. There were no plane rides to exotic spots or road trips through adventurous lands. This President's week off was just a plain old staycation at home and that was just fine by us.

I had hopes of fabulous creative projects with the kids and local outings to places we haven't explored. Those didn't happen. Instead, it was staying in PJ's until noon. It was trips (yes, multiple) to the library, and extra pets for the dog. There were board games played and Girl Scout cookies sold. There was lunch at Dad's work and trying new recipes for dinner at night. And, or course, there were the Olympics with lots of late nights wading through commercials to watch the competition. Fortunately, since there was no early morning school bell, watching late night TV was perfect.

So, would I rather have been lounging on a beach in Mexico? Possibly. Would I have preferred to explore the jungles of Costa Rica or the neighborhoods of Lisbon? Well, sure, but a little r and r at home with no particular agenda was just the right pace for this week. When the kids head back to school on Monday and I hear others tell their tales of adventure and fun, I may be a little jealous, but that's OK. My so-so staycation was just fine with me.