Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Printable Oscar Party Game: Acceptance Speech Fill-in-the-Blank

Free Printable Movie Awards Acceptance Speech Game by B.Nute productions
It's Oscar awards time again and you know what that means... listening to unbearably long acceptance speeches where inevitably the orchestra music starts to play and the deserving actor, actress or film contributor is kicked off the stage! Well, here's a great free printable game to fill that time and get your crowd laughing. Enough with the emotions, have each guest at your Oscar Party or Movie Party use these fill-in-the-blank/Mad Lib style acceptance speeches to create their own speech. Here's how to play.

Before the show begins (or at the beginning of your party) sit each person down and ask them the word (or words) as noted on the printable sheet. Do not let them read the speech, just ask them for the word,
like noun, adjective, etc. As they let you know the word, fill out their acceptance speech for them. Once completed and during the actual show, put your TV on mute, and have each person read their personalized speech. You are guaranteed loads of laughs!

As Sally Fields once stated, "You like me. You really like me!"

Free Printable Movie Awards Acceptance Speech Game
Free Printable Movie Awards Acceptance Speech Game by B.Nute productions
Instructions for Making Your Movie Awards Speech Game
1. Select the link above, and print out the page on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Print as many  needed so each person at the party can play the game. 
2. Cut out each speech and follow the instructions above in this blog post to quiz guests on each word. Have them read their speech out loud once you have filled in the words for them.

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