Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Holiday Traditions: The Easter Dress

Holiday Traditions: The Easter Dress by B.Nute productions
I can still remember my daughter's sweet little yellow Easter dress she wore one year when she was a toddler. The bright yellow pressed cotton, the smocking with tiny adorable embroidered flowers on it, and the precious peter pan collar. She looked perfect for a bright Easter morning brunch!

Each year, my mom continued the tradition she started when my daughter was born by getting her an Easter dress to wear. It's always been the same, sweet traditional style I just love, until more recently. Although I couldn't be more proud to watch my daughter grow into a young woman, it's hard to say goodbye to those sweet dresses!

I did tuck a few into a box to save for her when she's a mom. With such a timeless style, perhaps her daughter or daughters could wear one as well. I can only hope she'll keep up the Easter dress tradition. With such a casual lifestyle we lead, it's always fun to get dressed up once and awhile!