Friday, March 13, 2009

Girl Scouts Day

Yesterday was Girl Scouts Day, a day that commemorates when the first troop was registered. I was never a girl scout, but my daughter has just started Daisy's (the first level of Girl Scouts this year.) I'm really excited for her. It seems, so far, like it will be a good experience.

So, when I was in a local antique bookstore the other day, and I saw the above book, I just had to get it. Not only do I love old books, but I also have a number of old books that fall into the scouting/camping/craft genre. The ideas in the book are usually great-- just some ol'fashion fun... some, though I must admit can seem a little strange for this day and age, but that makes the book even more charming.

The handshake... do you know it?

I Love this homemaking illustration. Aren't they all having so much fun?!

I also couldn't resist this craft-- honest to goodness BASKET WEAVING!

This image seems so "campy" to me... and being an ex-camp counselor from long ago, I love all-things "campy"! Right now, our town is in the throws of summer-camp-sign-up frenzy... it always seems so scary to me to lock down my summer plans when it's only March. I like having plans, but I also want that "summer freedom" feeling, that on a whim, I could pack the kids in the car, and we could head out on a road trip... As I get older, I'm learning it's all about finding the balance. Some planning and some spontenaity work very well for me.

So, in honor of Girl Scouts Day (March 12), break open that newly purchased box of cookies or do a Girl Scout craft... either way, be sure to enjoy the day and the weekend ahead!

(All images in this post are from the book "Brownie Scout Handbook" pictured above.)