Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Jar Full of Memories!

One of my friends had a request... she has 2 very close friends, that don't live near by, and she wanted to give them each a very "memorable" present. Apparently, these 2 other women have been friends with her for a long, long time. They share many memories. Happy and sad. My friend really wanted to give them something special, since they each were going through some hard times. She had read about a memory jar in a magazine, and asked me if I could create something she could fill.

I was definitely excited. It's fun to create something unique, and special for someone. I definitely had many iterations... fortunately, most sketched on paper, and in my head... and ended with embellishing a candy jar. The "Best Friends" tag at first was going to be decoupaged to the side of the jar, but I think the tag was more effective... when the jar sits on a desk/table, you can see the friends smiling at your from anywhere.

Also, I just LOVED the coral ribbon. Coral is now my new favorite color!

After making this gift, it made me want to make something unique and special for all my close friends. Time always seems to get in the way of that... Perhaps this spring, I should slow down a little, and actually take that time... in the end- it means so much more than the other little things that get in the way!