Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning... the Easy Way?

Spring is here (at least in California), and that means it's spring cleaning time... well, for some folks that means spring cleaning. Personally, I wasn't intending on starting in on that project for awhile, but it looks like it started anyway...

It happens to everyone at some point. This morning I lost about over 3 years of email. Gone.

The sad thing, is I consider myself "somewhat" of a tech person... (notice somewhat is in quotes...) I was in the tech industry for a long time, and I know many geeky things the average person wouldn't want to clog their brain. Well, even with that, I still lost the email.

After a moment of panic, I got down to business, and sorted the emails that somehow were saved in the mass clean out.... and then the emptiness set in... no more browsing back a year or two ago to find out who was supposed to bring the cookies to the class party... no more quick checks to find out if my husband was going to be late that night 2 years ago... no more... WAIT... did I *really* need to save those emails in the first place. uh... NO. So, isn't this clean out kindof a blessing in disguise? Easy cleaning the fast way, right?

My Clean Inbox

OK, I will admit, I did save some more important emails than that... things that possibly I may need in the future, but given technology today, I'm sure I'll find a way to find out the info that was stored in that random email.

This "easy" clean out has given me an idea... there's this closet in my house. It's a scary closet... filled to the gills with stuff. Stuff I'm supposed to sort through, because I'm sure there's really great stuff in there... (I doubt it.) Perhaps I should do what my email did-- just throw it all away. Gone. Vanished. Never to be seen again. I bet if that happened, I wouldn't miss much at all, and I'd be soooo happy with an empty closet-- a place to fill with more stuff. :)


fbeier said...

You must need a better tech support person than your husband.

Betsy said...

No way! he's the best.. sometimes a little grumpy about being paged at odd hours, but in general, extremely amicable. :)