Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Frame a Game: Playroom Decoration Idea

Vintage Board Games in a Frame

Here's another great decoration idea from those creative interior designers up at Martis Camp in Lake Tahoe... using board games and game pieces for decor. I've seen this idea before, but when I saw it again... I snapped some pics, and had to share. In looking through these, I've added a few ideas of my own too...

Above is simple, yet sweet... framing a couple vintage board games. Searching etsy.com or ebay will bring up many vintage board games for sale. Another idea... frame one of your favorite current board games... it doesn't have to be vintage to still be cool!

Domino Frame

Isn't this frame idea cute? Think of all the other game pieces that could be glued to a frame...
  • Dominoes
  • Monopoly Money (decoupaged)
  • Assorted Plastic Game Pieces
  • Candyland Cards
  • Playing Cards
  • Dice
  • Scrabble Pieces
  • this list goes on and on...

I do love the old Pin the Tail on the Donkey game that's being framed too!

Game Collage

Now this piece is awesome... a collage of all sorts of vintage game pieces and board games... from money, to marbles, to cards and scrabble pieces... To make this on your own is easy. Again, you can definitely go the vintage route, or how about just taking some of the games from your cabinet that everyone has grown out of, and putting something together. The collage should bring up many memories of the hours spent playing the game!

Here are a couple more shots of details of the collage....

I hope these decorating ideas have been inspiring... I'm in great need of new art for my family room, and after writing this post, I think I'm going to head out, pick up a canvas, and have a hot glue frenzy-- gluing anything and everything to the canvas... board games, game pieces, the works. I'll post something once I've come up with it!