Monday, September 14, 2009

How Swimmingly Adorable!

We're a big swimming family...
so when I saw this idea at Martis Camp
in Lake Tahoe, I just had to share!!

Don'tcha just LOVE the old fashioned bathing caps?
There so retro-cool I can't stand it!

Wouldn't it be perfect on a wall in your pool house?
Don't have a pool house...
but have a "sports" room...
Add swimming to the mix of sports!

Don't have time to troll flea markets and trash bins at rec centers ;)
I did a quick search online, and lo and behold,
you can find these vintage-style bathing caps in many places...
Check this site out of vintage style bathing caps.

Along the same lines, instead of vintage-style bathing caps,
collect your daughter or son's team caps and line
them up in a frame.
Now that's some quick and colorful art!