Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jars, Jars and More Jars

To go along with my last post...
how 'bout adding some jars to that game room motif?
Wouldn't these look cute on the mantle,
in a bookshelf or on a side table?

Game pieces are always a hit,
but what about these croquet balls too.
Great vintage wood balls...
I love this idea too!
Cards from any questionare-type game
would be a great addition to my family's dining room table.
It would be really fun at a dinner party as well!

And, then there's the paint brushes in jars...
this may not go well in the newly anointed game room,
but sure could make a great arrangement
pretty much anywhere.

Think of all the rest of the jar decorating possibilities throughout the year...
  • Halloween- candy corns, spooky fake spiders, toy eyeballs, etc.
  • Thanksgiving - small gourds, fall leaves, acorns, nuts, etc.
  • Christmas - ribbon candy, peppermints, small ornaments, bells, tinsel, etc.
and the list goes on.

Have you used jars to decorate in your home? What do you put in them?

Pictures above were taken at Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe.


Mud Pie Studio said...

Thanks for the ideas of the game room jars! I have two glass jars, a box of vintage dominoes, and some of my husband's old poker chips and I'm going to put them together just liek this! Great idea!