Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Romance Valentine Party: Decoration Ideas

A Little Romance Party Inspiration Board by B.Nute productions
Romantics rejoice! It's that time of year... Valentines is coming and it's time to celebrate. For all you vintage-loving romantics, this party is perfect for you. An afternoon Valentine Tea, a Valentine Chocolate Party, a Romantics Wedding Shower, this A Little Romance Party is perfect!

Decoration Ideas

Vintage Valentine Imagery - This party is the perfect place to display all that vintage Valentine imagery you've been collecting! Put the imagery in fancy frames on the buffet, or one at each person's place at the table. Use as gift tags (more on this in a later post!) or wrappers for a chocolate treat... the look will be perfect for this party.

Roses and Peonies - Fresh flowers are definitely a must around your party space. Roses are, of course, "the" Valentine flower, but also look into a bouquet of Peonies. Their ruffled petals are soft and gorgeous, and quite romantic!

Love Letters and Old Postcards - Who wouldn't want to receive a sweet love letter on Valentines? Use these old treasures around your party for a great accent. Spread out old postcards across the buffet table or as a center runner on the dining table; hang postcards from an old fashioned wire postcard display; or frame a few and put on the buffet.

Ruffles and Lace - This ruffled pillow in the picture above is dreamy! Add a couple like these to your couch for a soft look. Find some old lace at a vintage store, and drape around your chandelier. Or, if you can sew, add lace accents to napkins or a table cloth.

Cupids - I must admit, cupids can be quite trite... and frankly, there are many awful cupid images out on the market! The key is to find one that has a vintage feel. An old cupid stone statue surrounded by flowers and other vintage goodies could be a great centerpiece for the buffet or party table.

Blumchen.com Victorian Valentine Party Favors
Treat Cones and Victorian Goodies - Of course, this party is aching for Victorian Valentine goodies as well! Fussie Mussie posie baskets, treat cones, candy baskets, and more. Blumchen.com is a perfect source for these Victorian items!

A Little Romance Valentine (or Wedding Shower) Party Invitation by B.Nute productions
A Little Romance Party Invitations and Matching Decorations
Of course, don't forget matching A Little Romance Party invitations decorations from B.Nute productions! Hand drawn backgrounds, collaged vintage ephemera, and a soft romantic feel, these paper goods are the perfect look for this romantic party.

A Little Romance "Be Mine" Banner by B.Nute productions
That's all the romance for today... much more ahead this week!


Jolene said...

Absolutely stunning, elegant and classic elements for any event! Adore!