Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Under the Sea Party: Game Ideas

Throwing an enchanted Under the Sea Party? Looking for ideas on how to entertain the crowd? Look no further! Here are a bunch of game ideas perfect to get those little mermaids and fish tired out!

Under the Sea Party Games
Fish for Treasure
I remember this game from my elementary school fair way back when! How fun it was to see what I would "catch" on my fishing rod! To play this game, all you need is a tub/large box or container, some pretend fishing rods, toys and magnets, and there you'll have your very own fishing hole!

Create some simple fishing rods with long sticks and a sting tied to the end. At the end of the string, tie a magnet. Now attach another magnet to a small toy. Fill a large tub (i.e., plastic container, or cardboard box) with all the small toys with magnets. Have children line up and fish for a toy!

Jelly Fish Relay
Set up an obstacle course around your yard, park or party space. Make the obstacles that are part of the course named after areas in the sea, such as: a coral field - a bunch of chairs that they need to zig zag through; an underwater cave - a play tube the kids need to crawl though; the deep abyss - a fold up table the kids need to crawl under; a jelly fish swarm - hang many crepe paper strings from the ceiling or branches of a tree that they have to "swim" through; the tide pools - put out a kiddie pool with only an inch of water in it that they need to skip through; etc. Have fun with the areas and ideas. Now simply line the kids up and have them run through the course!

Shell Hunt
Think how much fun kids have on Easter for an Easter egg hunt. Why not use the same concept, and just replace eggs with shells. The kids will love to gather the shells, and have them keep them as part of another craft or a goodie bag gift.

King Neptune Says
Here's a spin on Simon Says... same rules, just make Simon into King Neptune. If you can find a crown, a turquoise cape, and Neptune's trident for the "new" Simon, even better!

Under Water Dress Ups
Kids love dress ups, so why not set out a box of Under the Sea dress ups for the kids to put on and have fun. Here are ideas on what to put in the box:

  • King Neptune's Crown
  • Mermaid Crowns
  • King Neptune's Trident
  • Mermaid tails (perhaps this can be as easy at simple green sequin skirts with elastic waists.)
  • Mermaid bikini tops
  • Shell Accessories (necklaces, hair clips, etc)
  • Fish Masks


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