Monday, January 10, 2011

Robot Party: Decoration Ideas, Menu Ideas and More

Retro Robot Party Invitation and Inspiration Board by B.Nute productions
Calling all robots... time to gear up for a retro party full of nuts, bolds, gauges, screws, levers and space age fun! Below are some decoration and menu ideas for your Robot party - a perfect match for that retro feel.

Mylar Wrapping Paper - If it's silver, and shimmery, it's perfect for the look of the party. Wrap the front door, hand strips on a wall, for a mirror/metallic wall look, or use as a table runner or on the buffet. Metallic silver mylar wrapping paper is a must.

Retro or Space Age Fabrics - Go online or to your local fabric store and pick out some retro fabrics to add to the space. These can be turned into a table cloth, place mats, napkins or just stretched on canvas and hung up in the party space. Here are two examples of retro fabrics: Retro Robot Fabric and Jetsons Fabric.

Retro Robots (of course) - Definitely head online or to the store and pick up several retro robot toys to put around your party space. The come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes, the kids will love to play with them.

Bubble Wrap - Wrap empty gift or shoe boxes with bubble wrap and stack around the buffet table or on the center of the eating table for a textured, space age look.

Flexible Heating Ducts - Cut these metallic gems into different size segments (say, 1', 1.5', 3/4', etc) and hang from the ceiling to give a robot factory-like look. Or, just drape long tubes around the party space. These can also be great for using for dress ups for the kids to put their arms and legs into to walk like a robot. You may want to duct tape the cut edges to they aren't sharp.

Hardware Store Items: Nuts, Bolts and More- Your local hardware store may be just the answer to your decorating needs for this party. Fill jars up with nuts, bolts, screws, and springs and set about the party space. Also, pick up some dials, gears, and gages to add to the look.

Old Computer Circuit Boards If you can get your hands on some old computer circuit boards, these would be great for decoration. You could even frame a piece, or better yet, some pictures of circuit boards and prop on the buffet table.

Tin Foil Pans - One tin pan may seem strange, but how about stringing several in a row to make a "tin pan" bunting... or place different sized tin pans artfully on a mylar covered wall to pretend to be computer gauges, dials and gadgets.

Here are just a few menu ideas to match your Robot themed party.

Nuts & Bolts - Well, this one is a given! Who doesn't like a nuts and bolts snack mix, and it fits the theme so well!

Computer Chips - Set out a bowl of chips, and there you have it-- computer chips! Any flavor will do, but better yet, the veggie chips that have green in them will look great!

Space Cheese Balls - A bowl of cheddar cheese balls are delicious pick up food, and tasty too.

Robot Fuel Smoothies - Blend up some fruit smoothies and call them different types of fuels - Jet Fuel, Robot Lubrication, Gear Moving Fuel, etc. The kids will love them, not only because of their name, but also because they taste so good!

Assorted Parts Skewers - Fruit skewers balled or in small shapes are healthy and great for the theme.

Cork Screw Pasta - You can't go wrong with a big bowl of rotini or cork screw pasta. You could just have it plain with butter and cheese, or make a pasta salad for the crowd.

Chocolate Milk in an "Oil Can" - Fill some tin cups with chocolate milk for some "oil" for the robots. Put some funnels near the cups to add to the look.

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Stay tuned for more robot ideas this week!


Thisishollywood said...

Sprinkle colorful 'star confetti' on the tables, including the serving tables.

theme party decorations

RKO Ideas Galore (by Karen) said...

I made a robot out of a juice box and candy that would be great for this party!