Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Butterfly Party Decoration Ideas

Butterfly Party Inspiration Board by B.Nute productions
Butterfly Party Invitation and Party Goods by B.Nute on Etsy
Butterflies are a flutter - your Butterfly Party should be filled with butterflies and garden delights! Below are some decoration ideas for your Butterfly Party.

Hanging Butterflies - Find large butterflies to hang from the ceiling or amongst the tree branches. Use clear fishing line to give the illusion they are floating.

Cottage Fabrics - Mix and match cottage and floral fabrics for a vintage garden feel. Fabrics can be used as a table cloth, table runner, fabric napkins or even "curtains" as a backdrop behind your serving table.

A Picnic Quilt - Set up a picnic quilt on the lawn with a basket of toys or snacks as desired. the blanket can be a great area for kids to sit and take a rest from the festivities or between party games.

Butterfly Catching Gear - For accents on the table, prop a butterfly net or 2. You could also have a couple "bug" houses read to put your butterflies in once they've been caught.

Wire and Antique Props - Another prop that will look great in the space are wire props like a wire egg basket or even a wire bird cage. These will add to your vintage garden look. Find a salvaged window frame to prop up or hang from a tree branch if the party is outdoors.


Ron Faves said...

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