Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Party Girl's Library: Party Book Review- Betty Crocker's "Party Book"

Betty Crocker's Party Book on Amazon
This book is so retro and fun, I just wanted to eat it up! The illustrations, the party ideas, and the recipes remind me of how my mom entertained when I was young.

You may want to get this book for the sole purpose of collecting, but if you look closely, many of the down to earth ideas are great for today's busy lifestyle -- simple and easy going entertaining!

At what point did our children's birthday parties require 5-star menus? Although some of the recipes in this book I may pass up (i.e., Little Ham Loaves with Cherry Sauce or Mystery Fruitcake), many of the recipes are tried and true -- deviled eggs, fruit cups, brownies and of course, mini-hot dogs on a stick. Sometimes for food at a party of young ones, the simpler, the better!

Party Ideas
This book has several birthday party theme ideas as well as a section for year round holiday parties. For most of the parties, there are menu ideas (with some recipes) and ideas for things to do. I love some of the old fashioned themes:

  • Faraway Places Party
  • My Pet Party
  • Space Age Adventure Party

So, if you're looking for the latest and greatest in party ideas, this isn't the best book, but for nostalgic charm, it's right on the money!