Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Printable World Explorer Indiana Jones Scavenger Hunt Game

Indiana Jones/World Explorer Scavenger Hunt Game from B.Nute productions
I had so much fun designing this Indiana Jones inspired World Explorer Scavenger Hunt Game! This free printable game is a great way to get the kids at your Indiana Jones party running around and hunting for items.

I've created a printable scavenger hunt card with the list of items to find. Just head to a local toy store or find the objects around your house (i.e., hat, rubber snake, cup/chalice, halloween skull, etc.) Now hide the items through out your party space (house/yard or both). For older kids, you could even have them look around the neighborhood to find the hidden items.

Once hidden, the explorers can use the clue cards to find the items. For items hidden in harder spots, you can put detailed information about how to find the items on the back of the card. Or if you'd rather, you can use the blank cards to come up with your own clues.

Now it's time to get exploring. Beware of snakes and hidden booby traps!

Free Printable World Explorer Scavenger Hunt Cards by B.Nute productions
Free Printable World Explorer Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards by B.Nute productions - Set One
Free Printable World Explorer Scavenger Hunt Clue Cards by B.Nute productions - Set Two

Instructions for Printing Your World Explorer/Indiana Jones Scavenger Hunt Game

1. Select links above and print out from your browser. Use card stock to give the game cards and clue cards some weight.
2. Cut each game card and clue card out.
3. Hand out at party and start the hunt!

Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.


Bobbie said...

THANK YOU! ever so much! I needed an indy scavenger hunt for our national nursing home week Disney them! You are a life saver! Thank you!

Betsy said...

Hi Bobbie! You're welcome. So glad you can use my free printable for your event! Enjoy and have a wonderful time. :)

Timothy Polyard said...

Where did you get the background image for the banner?

- Tim

Timothy Polyard said...

I forgot to mention, please email the response.


- Tim