Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer means... Stargazing!

Summertime Stargazing (image by B.Nute productions)
Summertime means stargazing! I never take the time to just go out side and look up... but whenever I do, I'm amazed. 2 years ago we spent the night at a place called Safari West, an wild animal preserve in Northern California. At night, we looked up and I've never seen the Milky Way so prominently shining. It was stunning. On this years summer trip we will be on the equator! I can't wait to see the stars from that perspective. I'm hoping for quite a show, since we will be in the middle of no where, with out any light pollution for hundreds of miles.

Here are some fun stargazing sites I found to get ready for my trip. I hope you enjoy them as well:
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