Monday, August 20, 2012

Reflections on Vacation

Machu Picchu, Peru- One of the Wonders of the World
and a great reflective spot to contemplate life!
I've just returned from an amazing month long vacation! This was my first "real" vacation since I started my business 5 years ago... a vacation where I "turned my shop off" (a feature of Etsy to put your shop on vacation) and I didn't have email or internet access for most of the trip. It was wonderful to say the least!

This morning when it came time to turn my shop "back on", I admit, there was some hesitation. This came as a big surprise. I absolutely love what I do, so why was I hesitating? I guess I can sum it up in a few words-- quality of life!

The past several months before vacation were very busy for me. Like many working moms, I was having a difficult time "balancing" family life and work. I was working morning, noon and night... including weekends. My kids and husband missed me, and my workout routine became non existent. At this same time, several articles were coming out about working moms-- and the realization that "having it all" is not really a reality! How true this was.

Vacation time has given me a little of that balance back-- and now the trick is to figure out how to keep it. Up on top of Machu Picchu in Peru, as I stared at one of the wonders of the world, I realized that although I love my work, and am so flattered and honored by all my amazing customers, I will be an even happier worker if I can balance work and life better! So, time to fit in my workout, take time to actually "be there" for my kids, and stop working nights and weekends so I can spend time with my very supportive husband! 

So, in the next coming months I may be changing things around slightly to help out with my balancing act, but I'm still very excited to hear about your fun party ideas and creating a memorable event for you.