Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Airline Ticket Invitation and Party Ideas

Airline Ticket Invitations: Going Away Party, Destination Bridal Shower or Destination Party by B.Nute productions
Is someone you know moving to a new town? Do you know a friend who's getting married at a very cool destination? Have you always dreamed of a party in New York City, London, or other amazing location? Here's the perfect invitation for your party, an Airline Ticket invitation.

How To Choose a Destination
Depending on the type of party you are hosting (Going Away, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party), your destination choice may vary. For a Going Away Party, choose the guest of honor's new hometown; for a Bridal Shower you could choose the honeymoon destination or location of the wedding; for a Birthday Destination Party... well just pick the city of your dreams and go. The sky is the limit. Here are more ideas for your Airline Ticket/Destination Party...

Dress Up the Front Door Like the Gate at the Airport
On the front door, make a sign that looks like the counter at the gate at an airport. You could wait at the door and greet each guest to check them into the flight. They will love the personal greeting!

Start the Party with a Short Flight and Movie
Once your guests arrive, announce that the flight is ready to board. Have them go into a different room into your house. In this room, have chairs set up, and ask everyone to be seated for the short flight to your final destination. If you have a TV in the room, show a short video-- maybe a video about the destination from a popular travel channel, or you could show a short animation for fun. While the in-flight movie is on, play flight attendant and serve drinks, peanuts and pretzels to the guests. Once the movie is over, prepare for landing and let the party begin!

Party at the Final Destination
After the flight tell guests they have arrived and it's time to party. Play music from your destination, and serve food found in that city as well. You could go to a local travel agent and see it they have travel brochures, or find some literature to print out online. Folks will love all the little details-- it will make this one a party to remember.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you for flying with me today on my blog! Stay tuned this week for more Airline Ticket/Destination Party ideas!