Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Western Round Up Party Game Ideas and Free Printable Wild West Name Game

Free Printable What's Your Wild West Name Game from B.Nute productions
Sheriff Montana Montgomery? Lone Bodie Billings? What's your Wild West Name? Here's the perfect free printable party game for your Western Round Up... a name game sure to get yer'cowboys, cowgirls, sheriff's, wranglers, bad guys and more all riled up! Just print out the page below, and have each guest pick between choices. Start at the cowboy boots on the left, and make your way to the right to reveal your wild west folks "title", then name. Everyone will love hearing getting into character once they find out their new identity!

More Wild West Party Game Ideas
Want some more game ideas to get 'yer crowd running around? No problem. Here are a few to make your party a blast:

Lassoing up Some Fun!
Grab some rope and make some lassos for the kids to give there hand a wrestling with a bull! Set up a hay bale with some horns, and have the kids practice throwing the lasso. They'll love this game, and you'll be surprise how good some little cowboys are!
A Real Cowgirl!

Ride a Horse (Saddle on Hay Bale)
Set up a saddle on a hay bale and let the kids "go for a ride!"
If real horses aren't part of your party, no problem! Just set up some hay bales with saddles (possibly borrow some from a local barn/horse friend), and you'll have your cowboys riding the whole party long!

Needle in a Haystack
I remember this game fondly from my father's company picnic, year after year.... Finding treasures in hay is a lot of work-- but the reward is well worth it!

Layout a large tarp on the ground (you will definitely want the tarp so clean up is easy.) Un furl a hay bale or 2 onto the tarp. Now throw little treasures or coins throughout the way.

Line the kids up around the tarp, and set them off hunting together to find their treasure!

Horse Relays
The old fashioned horse on a stick can be great fun for relays at a cowboy/western party. Separate your party into 2 teams and set up a obstacle course through your yard that each cowboy much gallop around. Come up with fun "stops" the horse rider must do along the way. Relay races are always a hit!

Square Dance
Head online to buy a fun square dance recording, and learn a couple steps. Now gather the party together and put on a little square dance fun!

Free Printable Wild West Name Game
Free Printable What's Your Wild West Name Game from B.Nute productions
Instructions for Printing Your Wild West Name Game
1. Select the link above, and print out the chart on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Print on card stock to give the chart some weight.
2. Hand out to each guest. Follow the instructions to find your Wild West Name.

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