Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014 - New Year, New Look and New Energy!

A Few Pictures from 2013 by B.Nute productions
I love January. New Years always gives me fresh new energy. I'm ready to tackle projects I've put off for months or start something new. Yes, it's like setting New Years resolutions, but I don't make a big deal about it. So come February or March, if somethings have fallen to the wayside, that's OK. 

In December, I did a little soul searching. With 6 1/2 years of blogging on B.Nute productions, I was ready for a little change, but I didn't quite know what. A new look to the blog? Definitely needed. A little clean up and reorganization of content? Yes, of course. But what else?

More Pictures from 2014 by B.Nute productions
I sat back and thought a bit about what I've been writing about all this time and realized, although I love parties, I love a lot more as well. I'm passionate about art and design. I love photography, and can't get enough of typography. I love heading out the door with my kids on an adventure, as well as just playing around with them and being a kid for a moment. I'm crafty and love any project that sparks my creativity. But most importantly, I'm a busy mom, just like you. 

Although jobs, school, homework and sports schedules can sometimes become all encompassing, I'm on a mission to take the time to add more creativity into my life and would love for you to join me. Here are the types of posts I plan to provide - and of course parties and free printables are here too!
  • Party Time! - Party invitations, decoration ideas, entertaining ideas, and more
  • Holidays - From New Years to Christmas and everything in between: party ideas, decorations, printables, traditions, games and more.
  • Gettin' Crafty (Just Create) - Crafty endeavors to spark your creativity!
  • Let's Play - Game ideas, adventures, printable games, and ideas on how to be a kid again.
  • Inspired By - Inspiration is everywhere, from pretty packaging to nature, a fancy font to a destination city.
  • Being Real - Everyday life has it's ups and downs. No need to pretend all is rosy if it is not. As they say, "it takes a village!"
  • Freebies - Many more free printables to fill your days with creative inspiration.

So, here's to 2014, and lots of creative time together!