Friday, January 24, 2014

Inspired by Kente Cloth From Ghana: A Tribal Invitation for All Occasions

Tribal Invitations Inspired by Kente Cloth from Ghana by B.Nute productions
I've been loving the tribal trend that's been happening in the design world. I've been seeing beautiful ethnic-inspired patterns on everything from shoes to skirts, purses to bowties. Of course, the paper world has been influenced too.

Over on my travel blog, Wanderlust Designer, I recently wrote about Kente cloth from Ghana, Africa. As I researched about the brightly colored geometric weavings, I was inspired to make an invitation design as well!
I hand painted a colorful pattern to use as a border, and added some tribal-like fonts and a few graphics. I love the end result. Colorful, playful, and full of celebration- perfect for any type of gathering from a bridal shower, to birthday party.

Be sure to head over to my shop to see the final product:
Tribal Safari Party Invitation
Tribal Safari Bridal Shower Invitation
Tribal Safari Baby Shower Invitation