Friday, January 30, 2009

Add a Little Vintage to Superbowl Madness: Vintage Football Crafts

Going to a Superbowl party this weekend? Need a way to spice up that dip, without adding hot sauce? How 'bout a vintage-style football player puppet... and some felt pendant decorations too?! Just plop them in the guac., and when (or if) the game gets dull, pull them out and start playing with them!

I've wanted to do a vintage football Party Kit for sometime now... I missed the college season, the college bowls, and even the whole NFL season, but I am squeeking in a football craft at the very end of the year. Hopefully next year I can get my act together and get a football party together.

So, how can you make one of these charming puppets? Well, if sketching a vintage player is not your cup of tea... try searching the web for vintage football images. Here's one I found ( Now print out 2 copies of the image, one for the body, and one for the legs and arms. You want some overlap of the area that your cut, so that you can fix the brad, hence the 2 print outs. Punch a hole and attach the legs and arms with brads to the "body" piece. There you are! If you're really ambitious... why not make a team!

The pendants are quite easy -- just cut a small triangle of felt, and poke a squewer for the stick.

Enjoy the game!