Monday, January 19, 2009

I Have a Dream Tradition

I don't know about you, but I've never really "celebrated" Martin Luther King Day. Of course, my kids have had the holiday off, and I know they've been doing projects at school, but at home, it's just has been overlooked. Now that's pretty sad, especially given light of what the holiday celebrates... and even more importantly, this year, what tomorrow holds... the inauguration of President Barack Obama!

So, this year I decided to celebrate the day, not only by creating the "Dream" banner above, and hanging it prominently in our house, but also coming up with an MLK tradition for our family.

Here's our new MLK day tradition:
I put a "dream bowl" on the center of the dining room table and handed each family member three pieces of paper and a pencil. The instructions are simple, each piece of paper represents a dream the person has; the first piece of paper is for a personal dream, the second for a with a slightly larger scope (say a dream for the family, or school, or community), and the last a very large dream (say for a state, a country, or the world). One each paper will also be the person's name and the year. I plan to bring the "dream bowl" out every MLK day, so we can not only add to our dreams, but also see if any dreams have come true.

I look forward to see the outcome year after year!

Do you have any MLK traditions in your family, your school, your community? Please share!