Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrate National Handwriting Day

It sounds like a "made by marketeers" kind of day, but I must say, I do like the idea! In honor of John Hancock's birthday (January 23), the Writing Instruments Manufacturers Association came up with National Handwriting Day. For some reason, when I saw this it struck a chord with me...

In our household we are knee deep in handwriting... not only am I a "list girl", but both my kids are writing fiends. My son is just learning his letters, and he LOVES it. He's writing letters daily to his daddy (mostly) and occasionally to Santa or his sister. He pretty much forgets poor ol'Mom, but I'm OK with that... really...
My daughter who's in the first grade is writing up a storm too... It's not perfect spelling-- she's working on that-- and occasionally a b and a d get mixed up-- but there's lots of writing happening. Many times she writes stories, illustrates them, and then staples and tapes all sorts of goodies to her book. Hmmmm, I wonder where she gets that craftyness from?!
And now for me... well, as you can imagine, I do like the day since it promotes people to write letters and cards, and of course, I have many of those I make at bnute productions-- here's one of my latest additions to bnute productions' personalized stationery line...

But also, the day is inspiring me to do an art project I've been meaning to do for sometime... perhaps I can even get the kids involved. (We'll see how that goes...) A while back I picked up this Klutz book on Lettering. It's meant for kids, but it totally inspired me to do something I've wanted to do for a long time... come up with my own designed alphabet.

Ever since my graphic arts days back in the beginning of the 90's, I've loved fonts. I worked with a great designer who also loved them and she shared all she knew about them. Now, there are so many to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming, but I when I'm into a project, it just must have the right font to go with it, so I love to hunt around and get ideas. Then there's also the dream of making my own, that's where this book comes into play. Check out some of the cute ideas:

(images from photos taken of the Klutz Lettering Book)

So, once I've created my own letters, I'll definitely post and show them! I hope this has possibly inspired you to celebrate National Handwriting Day... typing on the computer, as much as I love it and do it often, is just not the same!

Here are some more websites about National Handwriting Day:
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