Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let it Snow!!

It's a little ironic that I just finished up my January mantle decoration in my house... Not just because it's half way through January, but mostly because my "Let it Snow" theme just doesn't match the crazy "heat" wave we are having in California. So, while we enjoy 70 degree weather, my mantle pays homage to the rest of the country that is in an arctic blast!!

The sticks in a pot were a great find at target. They were on sale, so I snapped them up! I added a little spray snow on them for effect.

These snowballs were fun and easy to make... I found a great nobby yarn, and wrapped it around a styrofoam ball. I didn't even need to be too carefull to hide all the styrofoam, since a little of the glittery material showing through adds to the snow-ey effect.

I sparyed these pine cones with a little fake snow too! The last time it snowed where I live is in 1975 or so... so I guess I have to make do with the fake stuff!

A close up from my "Let it Snow" banner.