Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bring Back the Christmas Carolers!

Old Time Christmas Carolers (image from Insiders Passport to Norfolk, VA)
When was the last time you had holiday carolers come by your house? No, I'm not talking about paid performers, I'm talking about good ol'fashioned, regular folks like you and me out caroling? 

In the past 6 years since we've lived in our house in the suburbs we've had one set of carolers come by. It was almost magical to hear some singing from outside. I couldn't believe it! There was also a friend of mine one year who organized neighborhood kids to carol around her block... but they didn't make it as far as our house.

I think it's a great tradition! I'm going to try to rally some troops (i.e., my kids and their cousins) on Christmas Eve to head out around the block for some fun this year. I hope they are as motivated as me!

Earlier this season, at an antique store, I spotted this great Christmas Carol song book below. It looks like it dates to the 1950's and was a handout from Security-First National Bank, advertising their Christmas Club savings fund. Below are a few sheets of it... perfect to print out and head out on your own caroling expedition!


Lynne said...

Sweet! We actually did go caroling last weekend. First time in too many years to mention....!
Have fun!