Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Party Game: Match the Resolution to the Person

Image from Beauty in Random Occurences
We all have made them before... New Year's resolution after resolution... and how many really do we stick with? Well here's a fun party game this New Year's... a great way to get to know every guest just a little more, and possibly hold them to that resolution long after January 1st!

Jar of Resolutions: Match the Resolution to the Person
1. Set out a jar with lots of pieces of paper and pencils.
2. Have each guest fill out (at least) one paper with one of their New Year's resolutions.
3. After everyone has written one, then gather round and read the resolution. Have everyone try to pick who's resolution belongs to who.

Variations on the Game
Wishes for the New Year - Not wanting to share those resolutions? Make guests the jar a "Wishes for the New Year" and have each guest write their top wish for the New Year.

Memories from the Year - Instead of the future, have guest write a great or important memory that happened the past year, and then let all reminisce.