Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Game, Tailgate, or Football Party Decoration and Menu Ideas

Football, Tailgate or Big Game Party Invitation by B.Nute on Etsy

There's no better way to spend a Saturday (or Sunday) in the fall then watching a good football game! Growing up in a college town, I was lucky to get to go to many Saturday games, sit in the stands and root for the team. Or course, a pre-game tailgate party always added to the fun.

There was also a big rivalry in our family. My dad went to Stanford, and my mom went to Cal-- so we had many Big Game parties throughout the years.

Whether you like to go to the game or watch from home, here are some inspiring decoration ideas and menu ideas for your football themed party.

Decorating Ideas for Your Football Themed Party

Inspiration Board

Vintage College or Team Pennants
Perhaps you already own a pennant or 2 from your favorite team. If not, check out these online resources-- they add such charm to a space!
Vintage College Pennants
NFL Pennants

Pendleton or Similar Wool Blanket
If it's a warm day, perhaps the blanket could be used not for warmth but for decoration. Drape over the back tailgate or coming out of a picnic basket as a table decoration. It could also be used as a table cloth too! A nice plaid with fall colors is perfect for this theme.

Old Football and/or College Memorabilia
Pullout the old college photos, old ticket stubs, old yearbooks and more and decorate the serving table or area around the party with your memorabilia. You could set out a basket with the items inside for folks to peruse at a tailgate party. Football trading cards can also make a great decoration, scattered about the table.
Vintage 1950s The Skotch Picnic Basket Tin by HoneySuckle Boutique on Etsy

Retro Tailgate Picnic Ware and Thermos
A vintage thermos filled with hot cocoa, and old-time picnic ware will not only be utilized, but will also look good too! Check out these vintage picnic ware items on Etsy to get inspired.

Menu Ideas for Your Football Themed Party
Whether your hosting the party out of the back of your car or at your home, here are some menu ideas for game day!

Sub Sandwiches
I love the look of sub sandwiches individually wrapped in decorative paper and stacked up ready to grab and eat! These can be handmade and gourmet, or store bought, whatever is easiest for you! Here are a few tasty sub sandwich recipes I found:

Brats and Grilled Fare
Perhaps it's a small portable grill by the tailgate or a large BBQ in your yard -- make sure to throw on some bratwurst, knockwurst, sausages and dogs to be enjoyed by all!

Chili is great for game day! It's easy to make ahead, and serve in a slow cooker. A hearty chili will satisfy any crowd

Chips & Dip
Potato chips and onion dip; sweet potato crisps and red pepper dip-- traditional or gourmet style, chips and dip are perfect for game day.

Beer and Root Beer
Cold beer is perfect for watching the game. Serve a selection of small local brews or brews from the town/area of the 2 teams that are playing. Specialty sodas and juices are a great option for kids.

Enjoy, and Go Team!!


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