Monday, September 13, 2010

Gothic Style Halloween Party: Decoration Ideas

Close Up from B.Nute productions Halloween Haunt Gothic Invitation on Etsy

Although Halloween seems to be a far way off, stores are brimming with great Halloween decorations! It's also never to early to be thinking about your Halloween party! This week I'm going to be featuring ideas for a frightful Halloween Haunt Gothic Style Party... I hope you enjoy!

Inspiration Board

Pre-Made Gothic Style Halloween Decorations
If you are willing to spend some money and have space to store the items, there are amazing gothic-style decorations that can be bought online. Check out this link to many inspirational decoration ideas: Gothic Halloween Decorations.

Framed Cemetery and Graveyard Pictures
Head to your local graveyard and start snapping some pictures. Try close ups, funny angles and distorted perspectives. When home, in you favorite photo program, convert the to black and white and print away. Purchase used frames, or "distressed" ornate frames and hang or place in groups around the party area. Remove all pictures of "live" people, and make sure to only feature the dead ones!

Martha Has Many Great Inspirational Pictures

A Spooky Mantle: Candles, Dried Roses, A Gargoyle Statue, Old Potions and More...
Imagine being in an old Victorian house that has been boarded up for years. Picture what the mantle may have looked like in the parlor, if no one had touched it in over 100 years... Candles 1/2 gone, roses dried, artwork discolored, dusty old bottles and spider webs galore. This is the perfect scene for your mantle at this party!

There's nothing better than cheesecloth to add spook to your space. Best yet, it's pretty inexpensive! I've purchased yards and yards of it and hung it up as tattered curtains in my windows and doorways.

All you need to do is tear and stretch (once hung) to give the tattered look. For also some aging, you water down some brown acrylic paint in a spray bottle. Then (before hanging) spray the cheesecloth to give it the perfect aged look.

(Also, be sure to check out this great Cheesecloth ghost decoration from Country Living.)

Photo from Country Living Website

Old White Sheets - the Abandoned House Look
There's a neighborhood near us that goes all out for Halloween! It helps that the houses are also the perfect style for Halloween, but the decorations these folks pull out are just amazing. One house in particular creates a look of an old abandoned haunted house. They drape all their furniture with old white sheets to make it look like no one has lived there for years. Although, as trick or treaters we never go in the house, as you head up to the door, you can look into their big picture windows and see the spooky set up! It's just perfect!