Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football, Tailgate or Big Game Party: Art Activity and Game Ideas

Football Saturday (and Sunday) is just around the corner... here are more Football party ideas-- some great arts and craft activities and game ideas for your affair!

Arts and Crafts Ideas for your Football Party

These art activity ideas are great for a big game party at home, or if little ones will be at your tailgate party, consider bringing a small folding table and setting out these activities for some pre-game fun.

Make Your Own Pennant
You can cut pennant shapes from poster board
or buy pre-cut pennants online. Set these out
with crayons or markers and make some colorful
pennants to root for your team! Below are some
online options for buying pre-cut pennants:

Make “Green” Cheerleading Pom Pons
Girls will love this activity and be even more excited when they are done... they can cheer on their team in style. Best of all, this is a great craft using recycled materials.
  • Empty your plastic bag bin, and if need be, ask friends and neighbors for their extra plastic bags.
  • Sort the bags into colors if you’d like, then cut into 1” wide strips.
  • Lay the plastic bag strips, several 15” pieces of cut string, and colorful electric tape on a table for kids to assemble their own pom pons.
  • To make the pom pons, have kids gather a bunch of plastic bag strips together
  • Tie the bunch together in the the center.
  • Now, fold the bunch in half and bound the folded edge with colorful electric tape.
  • Make sure to leave the extra string hanging loose.
  • Tie the extra string in a loop, so kids can wrap around hands to be held.
Now let, the cheering begin!

Face Paint in the Team Colors
Hire a professional face painter, or perhaps just your local teenage
babysitter for some face painting fun. Print out some college
helpful guides.
Football Coloring Pages
Check out your team’s website and search for “coloring pages”
to see if you can find any art pages for kids to embellish.
Here are some examples:
Game Ideas for your Football Party
Of course, watching the game is the main attraction of this party, but perhaps you have a large crowd coming or want some half time entertainment ideas... here are some game ideas for your next Football Party:
A “Friendly” Game of Flag/Touch Football
This scene has been played out in many movies and TV shows! Do you remember the scene in the Big Chill when the old friends head out at half time to play ball? How about the hilarious Friends Thanksgiving episode where they play a “friendly” game while the turkey cooks!
Now it’s time for you to have some “friendly” competition at your party with a little scrimmage. Pick up some flag football supplies and find a humorous trophy for the winning team. All will remember the fun!
Football Trivia Game
Print up some of your favorite football trivia questions and quiz your friends of their knowledge during half time. Offer a prize to the winner like tickets to another game, a football jersey, or even just a gift card to the local coffee shop. Here are search results for football trivia questions:

Cheerleaders Unite
Are some of your party goers not interested in the scrimmage, but would rather cheer from the sidelines? Put those “Green” pom pons (from the Art Activity section above) to use and make up some cheerleader routines! The funnier and sillier, the better! Here are some websites with some basic cheers:

Sing the Cheer Song
Show your team spirit and gather the crowd to sing the cheer song loud and clear! Make sure to look up the words on the college/teams website, so you get it right! Here are some sample College Team Fight Songs (note, some teams have recently moved divisions, so you may need to click the old division to find your team):


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