Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Style Sports Ticket Party - Decoration Ideas

Vintage Style Pro Sports Ticket Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
"Tickets... tickets... git 'yer tickets here for the best sports party around!!" Above is a sample of my latest addition to my invitation collection, a vintage style sports ticket themed party.

I just loved rummaging through images of old tickets from games long ago to see all the intricacies and details in the ticket. Although "digital" tickets are so convenient, there's nothing like an old fashioned ticket to get excited for the game-- 'er I mean party!

Here's my inspiration board for this fun affair...
Here's some decorating ideas that would be perfect for this party:
  • Vintage Tickets scattered around the party table, or if you're crafty, make a banner out of them. You can search online for images and ideas.
  • Old Sports Memorabilia - How about an old brochure, or magazine? This will add to the space.
  • Trophies - Vintage trophy displays are very in right now! Perhaps you don't have these stashed away, but how about trophies from when you were a child... or trophies from your kids' teams? They'll look perfect!
  • Leather - What about some "pleather" as a table cloth, or use the leather rope string to tie up your goodie bags... reminiscent of an old football, these will look great!
  • Old Sports Equipment - Get out that old wooden tennis racket, those rusty hockey skates, and old glove from when you were a kid. More great accents for this party!
Go team and have a great party!