Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gothic Style Halloween Party: Art Activities and Game Ideas

Gothic Style Halloween Party Art Activities
Depending on the timing or day of your party, an area set up with some art projects may be a perfect activity for your Haunted Halloween party.

Witches Book of Spells

Create a Spell Book
There's nothing more ghoulish than a bunch of evil spells to turn your guests into toads, snails or gargoyles! You could make this easy by writing a few spells an having kids decorate the page, or write up several lines that folks can use to mix and match to create their own wicked spell. Here are some examples of some spells, serious and silly:

Example Downloadable Halloween Coloring Page

Haunted Coloring Pages
Here's a links to many, many Halloween coloring pages online. Some are a "cute" and some are "scary." Pick the ones that fit your party best!

Design Your Own Gravestone
A morbid project, perfect for your gothic Halloween affair! Cut out gravestone shapes from card stock and have all guests decorate their own tombstone with an epitaph. When done, hang them all on a wall, and create your parties' own graveyard! You could turn this into a game, by having guests create their own tombstone, but leave off their name. Again, hang these on a wall, and have guests guess who's tomb is whos!

1950's Articulated Paper Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Pin the Bone on the Skeleton
Buy a pre-made "jointed" skeleton (or create your own paper skeleton) and disassemble so you have all the bones in separate pieces. Start by placing the skull on the wall, and then blindfold guests, hand them a bone/body part and let them guess where to put it. You could give them a hint by telling them which bone they have (i.e., "You have a foot bone.") or just let them guess by the shape and size of the item in their hand! In the end, you will have one mixed up bag of bones!

Gothic Style Halloween Game Ideas
Here are some frightfully fun game ideas for your Halloween party.

"There was an abandoned church at the end of the street
that no one went near for years...
until one fateful Halloween evening..."

Tell Ghost Stories
When was the last time you were told some ghost stories? This can be a great idea for your haunted party. Make sure to set the mood. Turn off the lights and only have a few candles flickering to read by. All gather around in a circle, by a fireplace preferably, and begin reading. Make sure to have lots of pillows and blankets available so folks can be comfortable, and have a place to hide when they are afraid! Here are some links to some ghost stories and tales online:

Build a Haunted Tale
An alternative to just reading a ghost story is to make the story a group effort. Have everyone sit around in a circle, and begin with one person who starts the story. He/She should only make up a few sentences, or until there's enough suspense to move on to the next person. As the story moves around the circle it should build and build, and hopefully be very different than what the first person thought it would be! To start the game, you can begin by providing a title, or have the group create a title once it's complete!

Flashlight Tag
Flashlight tag could be played in a dark house, a dark yard, or better yet, a graveyard! The rules are pretty simple; the person who is it has a flashlight. If you are "tagged" by the light, then you are out. The last person tagged becomes "it."

In general, flashlights can be a game unto itself if there are little kids around. Make sure to have plenty on hand for an evening of fun!