Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year: 2010 Hot Trends, What's coming in 2011?

To wrap up the year, I wanted to add my 2 cents about some trends I've been noticing-- would love to know your favorite things from this past year, and what you look forward to seeing in 2011!

As seen on the Modern Mom by John W Golden on Etsy
Move over Owl, Here Comes the Fox
Have you noticed that the fox is everywhere? First it was birds, then owls, and now the sly fox has seemed to have taken it's place. Although these cute little woodland creatures seem to co-mingle so well, I've definitely noticed that the fox is the hottest in the crowd! Let's see if he can stay on top in 2011.

Cake Pops on Amazon
Cake Pops are Hot!
Is the cupcake reign over? Some would argue yes, some would say no way... but let me tell you, any treat on a stick is just too cool. The cake pop phenomenon is just so great. Have you seen them yet? If not, you must check it out!

Photo Booth Props: Beyond the Mustache
Mustache props are so cute, but folks are definitely moving on... there are clown props on a stick, santa/christmas props on a stick.... and much more. I think we just love to put things on a stick and make funny faces! I wonder where this trend will lead? Perhaps it may lead back to just a good ol' dress up box next to the photo booth... like those shops at the amusement park where you can dress in western garb and get your photo taken. Who knows. But, for now, I expect to see many more props on a stick at parties for fun "candid" pics!

Woodland Fairy Cake Bunting by B.Nute productions
Cake Bunting is so Cute
Cupcakes have their fun with cute sticks to put in them, and now cakes can get that attention too! Aren't cake buntings the best? I just love anything "mini" and this is definitely one of those things that just make a cake. You can create a whole party on top of the cake now... the question is, who will want to eat it when it looks so cute? I look forward to more cake bunting in 2011, and can't wait to "miniaturize" more things to put around the party scene!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. I look forward to plenty of parties, fun and many new trends in 2011!