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Peppermint Party Ideas- Decorations, Menu, Games and More

Personalized Peppermint Party Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
Red and White reign in this party filled with peppermint delights! Below are links to free printable Peppermint Party items as well as loads of ideas for your festive gathering.

Peppermint Party Inspiration Board
Decoration Ideas
This party couldn't be simpler to decorate-- think ruby red and crisp white. A modern, clean and crisp look will make this a festive affair. Below are some red and white decoration ideas:

  • Red and White Crepe Paper - Drape red, then white crepe paper from the ceiling to form a "tented" ceiling. A festive and a colorful addition to the space.
  • Red and White Balloons - Have bunches of red and white balloons scattered throughout the party space, or lining the walkway to the front door.
  • Red and White Table Linens and Paperware - A crisp white table cloth, and red napkin will look sharp and colorful. Now add red and white paper plates, napkins, cups, etc. Stay clear of patterns, and let the bold solid colors stand out. In the center of the table, have jars of candy canes. The more the merrier!
  • Jars of Candy Canes and Peppermints - Jars of peppermints and vases of candy canes throughout the party space will add to the look. You could also have jars of solid colored candies sprinkled in with the candy canes and peppermints. For red candies use red hots, red licorice, red M&M's, for white candies use mini-marshmallows, white mints, white M&M's, etc.

Menu Ideas
Get some red and white foods-- then mix and match and have fun! Below is a list of red and white food ideas-  some on their own, and some mixed together:

  • red licorice
  • red hots
  • cherry tomatoes and fresh mozeralla balls
  • strawberries and cream
  • raspberries and cream
  • red macaroons and vanilla frosting
  • marshmallows
  • coconut balls
  • powdered sugar cookies

Art Activity Ideas
Peppermint Garland
Buy several large bags of peppermint candies and twist ties. Have them out in large bowls on a table. Use a twist tie to tie the ends of a peppermint together. Now continue tying peppermints to each end. You can substitute small pieces of white yarn for the twist ties, and just tie the ends of the peppermints together with the yarn.

Red and White Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes
Spread red and white pipe cleaners out on a craft table, and let kids twist together and bend at the top. Voila, a candy cane pipe cleaner.... perfect as an ornament for a tree, or to tie on to a present.

Peppermint Frame
Get your glue gun out (or heavy duty glue) and some plain white inexpensive frames, and have guests glue peppermint candies to the front of the frame. Once covered, apply a generous amount of Modge Podge or similar acrylic clear coating to seal the candies. Let dry, and give to the guest to take home at the end of the party.

Game Ideas
Candy Cane Wrap
This is a take on a Halloween game called the Mummy wrap. Instead of toilet paper to wrap a person, use red and white crepe paper, and wrap the person like a candy cane! To play, have a team of 2 people be the "wrappers" and one person be the candy cane. Give each wrapper a crepe paper roll, one red and one white. Have the candy cane stand still in the middle, and have the wrappers walk around the cane until he/she is all wrapped up. Make sure to have the camera ready for a picture before the cane "breaks" through of the stripes!

Candy Cane Hunt
This game is just like an Easter Egg Hunt at Easter time, but instead of eggs, use wrapped "mini" candy canes. Depending on the party time and age of guests, you can hide the candy canes before the party, or while they are doing another activity. Limit the hunt to a room or specific area. When ready, give each guest a white bag and let the hunt begin!

Printable Peppermint Party Good
Free Peppermint Party Printables by B.Nute productions
Make sure to print out free Peppermint Party invitations and matching Peppermint Party Printables (candy bag label, menu cards, and tags) from B.Nute productions to accessorize the party!


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