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New Years Eve Soirée Party Ideas, Decorations, Menu and More...

A New Years Eve Soirée Party Invitation by B.Nute productions on Etsy
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Happy New Year!!

Are you ready for the big night? Do you have plans to attend a gala affair? If not, why not throw your own little New Years Soirée. Whether you want a large party or a small intimate gathering, this elegant New Years Eve Soirée is the perfect party for you! Here are some ideas for your festive evening.

New Years Eve Soirée Inspiration Board

Decoration Ideas
Pick a Palette - How about silver and blue, or gold and black? An elegant, yet simple palette is perfect for a New Years gathering, just make sure there is some sparkle to go with the bubbles of the champagne. Use this palette in all your serving items and paper products- For instance, with a silver and ice blue palette, make sure to have a silver tray, a silver ice bucket, and some light blue napkins and small plates for nibbles.
 Photo by Collaging-Kristen
Clocks and Watch Faces - Time is of the essence on this night, so make a decoration wall of clocks, or use vintage watch faces as decoration on the buffet or bar to remind everyone to watch the clock!

Vintage Noise Makers - Get out the noisemakers; the rattles, the blowers, the bells-- and get ready for some noise! Vintage Noise Makers can add also be great decoration elements before the noise begins. Put a bunch of festive blowers in a low vase, scatter bells and rattles on a buffet table. Make sure to add some hats as well.
Balloon Ceiling Example from Starlight Balloon Co.
Balloon Ceiling - There's nothing more festive than a whole bunch of balloons dropping from the "sky" at midnight. Find a simple utilitarian netting, and drape across a large portion of the ceiling. Fill with balloons. (Use a pump to blow up the balloons to save your breathe!) At midnight, pull down 2 ends of the netting and let the balloons fall on all the guests!

Menu Ideas
Since the timing of the New Years Eve party is typically pretty late (so guests stay until midnight), why not instead of serving a full dinner meal, tailor your menu to a theme-- whether it be hearty foods or sweets, it's nice to have nibbles. Here are some possible menu themes:

  • Hearty Hors D'Oeuvres - Head to a store like Trader Joe's and pick through their wide variety of hors d'oeuvres. From quiches to kabobs, you're sure to find plenty of hearty nibbles for your crowd.
  • Dessert Bar - A heavenly dessert bar is a great way to ring in the new year... cupcakes, cookies, and lots of sweet treats are sure to please.
  • Champagne and Cupcakes - Instead of a wide selection of desserts, concentrate on just cupcakes and champagne. There are so many different flavors of cupcakes available these days, all your guests will be pleased.
  • Martinis Madness - Champagne is great at midnight, but why not keep your bar to only martinis? Add some matching sweet or savory nibbles along with each different martini recipe. For instance, serve some Lemon Bars with a Lemon Drop Martini, or chocolate candies with a Chocolate Martini Recipe.  
  • The Ritz: Cocktails and Caviar - Oo, la, la... serve only the best at your soirée, caviar and cocktails! 

Games for All
Resolution Jar - Have guests write down one of their resolutions on a slip of paper. At one point in the evening, read off the resolutions and guess who's they are. Another variation of this game is to have guests write 3 resolutions (2 they truly hope to do, and one that is made up.) Post the slips of paper on a wall and let guests read them, and decide which resolution is not true.

Time Capsule - Create a time capsule from the year. Have every guest bring something special, or memorable from the past year to include in the capsule. Perhaps it's an article from a newspaper of a newsworthy event, or maybe it's something more personal like a drawing from your child. Make sure to put their name on the item. Promise to open the capsule at a New Years party 5, 10 or 20 years later to see what everyone included!


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