Monday, February 7, 2011

List of Traditional Party Games for Kids and the Young at Heart

Image from "When Life Seemed Simpler" by Welleran Poltarnees
Remember when you were growing up what a big deal going to a birthday party was? You got to wear your fancy party dress (for a girl), wrap a wonderful present and have fun with friends! I particularly remember the party games. Although some of our modern day party accoutrements (jumpy houses, on location parties) are great, nothing says, "Good Ol'Fashioned Party" like a game! Whether your just beginning to plan your child's party, or it's days away, below is a list of traditional party games sure to please all ages!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Musical Chairs
Red Light, Green Light
Tag (and all variants)
Relay Races (obstacle course, potato sack, suitcase relay, spoon relay, etc)
Scavenger Hunts
Treasure Hunts
Costume Contest
Singing (Karoke) Contest
Telephone Game
Parachute Play
Dress Ups
Bean Bag Toss
Duck, Duck Goose
Simon Says
Hot and Cold
Mini/PuttPutt Golf
Ring Toss
Hot Potato
Present Unwrap
Twenty Questions
Tug of War
Marco Polo
Truth or Dare
Straw Hunt