Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toy Party: Decoration, Menu Ideas and More

Toy Shoppe Fun Party Inspiration Board
A party full of toys-- what could be better? Below are some ideas for your vintage inspired Toy Shoppe Fun Party filled with your favorite toys from the past and present!

Decoration Ideas
Inspiration from Famous Toy Shops
Head over to FAO.com to check out one of the world famous toy shops or rent some great toy inspired movies such as Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium or Big (to see shots of FAO Schwartz in New York City.) With those colorful images in mind, now fill your party space with the same amount of fun! Red, yellow and blue crepe paper, balloons galore, and lots and lots of toys!

Vintage Toys Galore
Head to the attic and pull out those old toys. Arrange them on the buffet table, or down the center of the dining table as a runner. A jack-in-the box, a doll, some tin cards, and more... the more colorful, the better!

Jars of Toys
Jars can be a great way to display tiny toys. Fill some glass jars of army men, jacks, rubber balls, dominoes, and other small toys. The jars will look great on the buffet next to plates of treats.

Board Games
Hang board games on the walls above the serving area, or other areas of the party for colorful fun. Candyland, Sorry, or vintage board games will look great.

Invitation and Matching Paper Goods
Toy Shoppe Fun Party Goods Collection by B.Nute productions
Head over to B.Nute productions etsy shop for a full collection of printable Toy Shop Party goods - invitations, thank you postcards, cupcake toppers, menu cards, goodie bag tags and more!

Menu Ideas
What fun kids will have if you pack small box lunches full of yummy treats - Here are some toy inspired menu ideas:
ChooChoo Cheese Sandwiches - Make cheese or meat and cheese sandwiches and cut them with a train cookie cutter for a train shaped sandwich.
Bouncy Fruit Balls - ball up some melon, watermelon, apples and more to create a bouncy ball inspired fruit salad.
Dollies Favorite Chips and Dips - Pick out some fun flavored chips and dips and call them dollies favorite!

Bowl of Teddy Bears - Fill some bowls full of different flavored Teddy Grahams for easy munching.


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