Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ma Petite French Party: A Sweet Little Affair - Decoration and Menu Ideas

Ma Petite French Party Inspiration Board by B.Nute productions
Soft pinks, lavenders, and toile are the perfect complement for this frilly French affair-- whether it's a little girl's tea party, a baby shower or just a Parisian inspired afternoon of gathered friends, below are some decoration and menu ideas perfect for your Ma Petite French Party.

Ma Petite Papiere
Ma Petite Party Collection by B.Nute productions

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Decoration Ideas
Toile fabric is a must in your party space - a table cloth, a table runner, accent on the buffet, napkins, place mats... where ever you can fit some toile in, the better!

Toile Covered Bulletin Board
How about using that same toile fabric to cover a plain cork board. Add some ribbon accents and make a french inspiration board with your little party girl (or mother to be) as the star. Add old postcards, baby pictures, and anything French, and prop up near the buffet table. Everyone will love to see the vintage, French charm, and of course pictures of the party girl!

Mismatched China
Whether your having a sit down meal or just lots of nibble food, a buffet filled with mismatched vintage china will be perfect for this party. Use plates as serving trays and fill tea cups with goodies. All the different patterns will add color and oo la la to your space!

Little White Lights
You can never have too many little white lights! Hang little white lights like a canopy about your party space. It will look reminiscent of a Parisian cafe.

Decorative Glass Bottles
A row of Limonade bottles or Perrier no only will quench guests' thirst, but will also look great. Line up on one side of the buffet for easy access.

French Signage and Old Ephemera
Create a cafe sign or scatter old French postcards about for that extra je ne sais quoi!

Ma Petite French Party Menu

  • Tea Sandwiches (made with egg salad, cucumber and mint, cream cheese and berry jam)
  • Croissants with Ham and Cheese
  • Croque Monsieur
  • Savory Crepes (filled with ham and cheese, mushrooms and onions, ratatouille)


  • Fruit Skewers
  • Sweet Crepes (filled with Nutella, chocolate and powdered sugar, berry purée)
  • A Mini Patissiere with: Eclairs, Petit Fours, Madeline Cookies, other French delights
  • Eiffel Tower Cake