Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toy Party Game Ideas

You have a bunch of kids coming over for a Toy Party... here are some great games to play for loads of toy fun!

Toy Scavenger Hunt
Hide recognizable toys around the house, and provide clues to getting to each. At the last toy, have a small toy prize for each player. Here are some clue ideas:
1. Hide a teddy bear in the kitchen. Then provide the clue, "This toys loves his honey... you'll find him somewhere near the cereal and his favorite sticky sweet treat."
2. Hide a ball in a bathroom. Provide the clue, "This toy loves to bounce. If you don't find it quickly, it may just bounce it's way into the bathtub.
3. Hide a doll in a bed of a room. Provide the clue, "This sweet girl loves to take long naps. You can find her under a pink blanket sound asleep."

Toy Pick Up Race
Here's a race that would be fun to have not only at a party, but everyday your house is a mess! Scatter loads of toys in a room, and close the door. Hand a team of players a large bag. Set a timer and open the door to have the kids pick up all the toys on the floor. When done record the time. Now rescatter the toys and set another team out to beat the time!

Stack the Blocks
Whether it's wood blocks or empty cardboard shoe boxes... have kids build the tallest stack, then knock it down when done!

Toy Relay Race
Split the guests into 2 teams. Set up a course around your yard, and scatter one toy per guest along the way. Each team is given a wagon. Each team member now must pull a wagon through the course and pick up 1 toy along the way. The last person needs to pick up the last toy, and pull the wagon to the end. The key is not to have the toys fall out of the wagon while they are racing to the end!

Guess the Number of Toys
Set out a couple jars full of small toys, for instance one filled with small Army men, one filled with rubber balls, etc. Have each guest guess how many toys are in each jar. The closest guess wins the jar of toys.