Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Party Girl's Library: Party Book Review- "Tea Party" by Tracy Stern

Tea Party by Tracy Stern on Amazon
I just love books! I have so many my studio is overflowing with inspiration! As an occasional post, I thought I'd review some of these books I own so you can decide whether or not it's a must have in your Party Girl's library!

The Book
Tea Party: 20 Themed Tea Parties with Recipes for Every Occasion from Fabulous Showers to Intimate Gatherings by Tracy Stern with Christie Matheson

The Review
Being more of a coffee person than tea lover, this book intrigued me not only to learn something about tea but also be inspired by so many different themed tea parties. In her introduction, Tracy outlines the many details of tea: tea rituals, tea around the world, a tea primer about various kinds, brewing tips, tea etiquette and must more. A great amount of background about tea! She also gives high level advice on the "how to's" of throwing a tea party, and tidbits about tea sandwiches (with many recipes in the book) and petit fours. After reading this, you will be well versed in the art of tea and tea parties!

The main portion of the book is broken up into tea party themes, where she provides some high level party tips, then loads of food and drink recipes. Many look delicious. Here are some of my favorite themes:
Moroccan Valentine's Day Dinner
I've been wanting to create a Moroccan themed party for some time. The reds and golds of this party give it a romantic twist on a traditional Valentines Day party.
Mad Hatter Tea Party
The one picture in the book of this party is almost worth the entire price of the book. A great Mad Hatter table scape filled with flying cards, real grass centerpieces and much more.
Mother's Day Tea
A vintage style tea set and lots of lavender fill this party-- lavender colors and lavender food recipes. A nice traditional tea party with a strong lavender theme.
Fashionable French
Black and White with a touch of hot pink! Tres chic!! Think of elegant women walking up the Champs Élysées with their designer shopping bags filled to the brim. This party is perfectly suited for them. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of pictures with this theme, but you get the idea!
Summer Picnic with an Asian Twist
There is a great photo of firecracker red items and some chinese accents all wrapped up in a picnic basket. A great twist to a summer picnic.
Russian Tea
Although there are not many pictures to inspire, the theme alone conjures up much imagery!

Overall, I think this book offers many unique ides for different style tea parties. It has lots of delicious recipes and plenty of party ideas to get you started on your own tea party. A great addition to a party girl's library!


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