Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Authentic Pirate Party: Invitations and Ideas

An Authentic-Style Pirate Party Invitation from B.Nute productions on Zazzle
Captain's Diary 1791
We left port 9 months ago with high hopes to find riches. The crew was eager and brave to face the perils at sea. Since our departure, the conditions have deteriorated considerably. Too much grog and mayhem among the pirates and no treasure in sight. Alas, a holler arrived from the crow's nest... 
"Land ho me'mateys!"

And the adventure began....

Throw an authentic-style Pirate Party for your swashbuckling guy on his day and set the scene with this vintage Pirate Party invitation sure to get the crew ready to seek their treasures and fun. My Pirate Party invitation has a realistic flair, with a weathered treasure map background and a letter to the recipient requesting he/she join the crew. The letter reads:
"Are you brave and fearless? Our wicked ship sets sail to far away destinations in search of riches and treasures. The seas are dangerous and mighty, but the handsome reward is worthy."
What adventure-loving pirate would decline this invitation?!

Set the Scene: Pirate Party Decoration Ideas

Create a Pirate Ship in Your Party Space
Designate an area of your yard (perhaps a jungle gym or lawn area) as the pirate ship. If you have a climbing structure, hang a large pirate flag at the top, then string rope from the top to the edges to simulate the ropes on the mast of a boat. The tanbark area surrounding the structure is a perfect ocean. No jungle gym? Inflate a kiddie wading pool and call it a boat (just don't add any water in it!) Place garden stakes around the pool and hang pirate flags from them. The lawn will make a perfect ocean. 

If your party is indoors, then just bring the wading pool inside (remember, it has no water in it) and hang a flag above from the ceiling. Lay sheets (preferably blue) around the "boat" to act as the ocean.

Create a Treasure Island in Your Party Space
Your patio area, garage, or if indoors, a room, can make the perfect deserted island. Pick up a few luau decorations such as bamboo garland, sea shells, fish nets, coconuts, and palm fronds to decorate the space. Empty the space out of furniture and only leave behind a few props like a treasure chest and a pretend pirate ship (see above.) The treasure chest could contain treasures, of course, or dress ups to get the crew in costume.

Stay tuned for more authentic-style pirate party ideas in future blog posts.