Monday, September 16, 2013

My Camp Theme Wedding - Camp Nutenbeier 13 Years Ago Today

Just Married - Heading out of the Forest and Off to Camp Nutenbeier
Lucky 13, that's what I'm calling this anniversary! I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend, confident, right-hand guy, travel companion and partner in crime. We had a non-traditional courtship of being friends for a long time before we got engaged. (Yes, we practically skipped dating.) The engagement was not that much of a surprise though, since all our friends suspected we were already more than just friends!

The true test of the relationship, though, came when I proposed we'd have a camp-themed wedding. I didn't just want the rustic look, and setting (Lake Tahoe, California), but I truly wanted the full camp experience! My husband-to-be put up with a summer of being my production intern cranking out Boy Scout-like badges, camp passports, how to tie know games, lanyards and more. Little did he know that 7 years later, I'd give up the corporate world, and start my party business (in 2007)! I guess our wedding was fore-shadowing. Lucky for him now, I have not employed him again as intern!

My Wedding Camp  in Full Swing: Guitar Lessons, Knot Tying, Campfire Books and More
I couldn't have asked for a better day. Incredible Sierra weather and lots of happy campers doing their activities and filling out their camper passports!

Wedding Cake Was Not My Thing: S'mores Fit the Bill Perfectly!
To end the camp, we had a rousing competition of rochambo to determine the winning cabin group and get the prize t-shirts. The s'mores were served to much delight and surprise. I had many guests in shock to learn, that no, I was not serving wedding cake. (I must say, 13 years ago, s'mores were not that popular in the wedding scene!)

Although Camp Nutenbeier seems like a long time ago, I'm still so lucky to be in love with my favorite camp buddy. I hope someday when we are old and gray we can head off to Camp Nutenbeier again and relive our youth!